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    Highly Efficient Chromatography

    Imagine what you could do with chromatography products that deliver precision, specificity, recovery, reproducibility,and superior efficiency. Now back that up with an experienced technical support team always at your service.

    Our chromatography resins provide you with:

    • The widest range of pore diameters, particle sizes, and chromatography phases available
    • Engineering capabilities that allow particle properties to be fine-tuned to meet your specific needs
    • Batch-to-batch consistency and reproducibility
    • Resins that can be used from analytical lab scale through to commercial scale
    • ISO 9001 certified and FDA registered products
    DAVISIL? silica products come in a granular form and are offered in a wide range of particle and pore sizes and in many phases from small to multi-ton quantities.DAVISIL? XWP (Extra Wide Pore) silica offers superior mechanical stability and large pore sizes with narrow pore size distribution, which make it optimal for separations of large biological molecules.
    DAVISIL? Sphere silica is designed to be extremely robust, with narrow particle size distribution resulting in highly reproducible, superior chromatographic performance. Davisil? Sphere also offers capabilities for protein/peptide separation and purification.

    VYDAC? spheroidal silicas are welldefined, highly pure, and totally porous separation resins with excellent selectivity and reproducibility for biopurification.

    VYDAC? packed columns are available through our exclusive partner HiChrom at hichrom.com.

    Learn More About Our VYDAC? Chromatography Resins Portfolio?

    VYDAC? 219TP Diphenyl resin

    Recommended for the separation of:

    • Polypeptides with aromatic side chains
    • Large, hydrophobic proteins
    • Lipid peptides
    • Membrane-spanning peptides
    • Fusion proteins from inclusion bodies 
    VYDAC? 214TP C4 resin

    Recommended for the separation of:

    • Polypeptides larger than 4000-5000 MW
    • Very hydrophobic polypeptides of any size 
    VYDAC? 208TP C8 resin

    Recommended for the separation of:

    • Polypeptides up to 10,000-20,000 MW
    • Enzymatic digest fragments
    • Natural and synthetic peptides 
    VYDAC? 218TP and 238TP C18 resins

    Recommended for the separation of:

    • Peptides less than 4,000-5,000 MW
    • Enzymatic digest fragments
    • Natural and synthetic peptides 


    VYKING? paramagnetic silica 
    features a novel particle design that clads a paramagnetic core with silica to eliminate the need for chromatography, centrifugation, or vacuum filtration steps required in typical biomolecule purifications.

    Consult with us

    We can develop customized products to suit your specific needs, including custom bonding of Grace's or your chromatography resins.